Shadow banking: la fragilité de la finance de l’ombre

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07 Février 2017

Shadow banking: la fragilité de la finance de l’ombre

Trump veut décorseter la finance. Il remet en cause les limitations que Barack Obama avait imposées après la crise de 2008.


CityWire - CIO Savary reveals how to play reflation

CityWire CIO Savary reveals how to play reflation

CityWire - By Jessica Beard
19 Dec, 2016

CIO Savary reveals how to play reflation

In this video, Francois Savary, CIO at Geneva-based Prime Partners, told Citywire Switzerland about the best way to play the reflation theme going into the new year.

He explained that investors shouldn't put too much hope in the reflation story and that it is premature to move a lot of assets into equities as many investors are doing.

On sovereign bonds, he said that if there are signs there will be reflation, he doesn't see any reasons for owning government debt for now.

Elsewhere in bonds, there is less and less value in the investment grade segment of corporate debt, he said, and investors should go for the high yield segment because there is less duration risk.

He added that investors should avoid having too much duration risk in their portfolio.

Savary also discussed where he sees opportunities in 2017, including in defensive stocks and emerging equities.


RTS - Journal du matin : François SAVARY

RTS Journaldumatin 12 2016

RTS - Le Journal du matin
15 décembre 2016 - 6:00

La banque centrale américaine montre sa confiance en l'économie américaine

La banque centrale américaine a relevé ses taux directeurs mercredi, reflétant ainsi sa confiance en l'économie américaine. Mais c'est à la politique économique qu'entend mener Donald Trump qu'il faudra juger son impact. Interview de François Savary, directeur des investissements chez Prime Partners à Genève.

Fed should hike by 25 basis points in December: Pro

Fed should hike 0

CNBC  : Monday, 12 Dec 2016 | 1:20 AM ET

If the Federal Reserve increases interest rates at a higher speed than expected, it will impact the U.S. economy, says Prime Partners S.A. CIO and Vice CEO, Francois Savary.