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RTS Journaldumatin 12 2016

RTS - Le Journal du matin
15 décembre 2016 - 6:00

La banque centrale américaine montre sa confiance en l'économie américaine

La banque centrale américaine a relevé ses taux directeurs mercredi, reflétant ainsi sa confiance en l'économie américaine. Mais c'est à la politique économique qu'entend mener Donald Trump qu'il faudra juger son impact. Interview de François Savary, directeur des investissements chez Prime Partners à Genève.

Fed should hike by 25 basis points in December: Pro

Fed should hike 0

CNBC  : Monday, 12 Dec 2016 | 1:20 AM ET

If the Federal Reserve increases interest rates at a higher speed than expected, it will impact the U.S. economy, says Prime Partners S.A. CIO and Vice CEO, Francois Savary.


Prime Partners' Savary: 'government debt has no value at all'

government debt has no value at all 0By Jessica Beard 25 Oct, 2016

In this video, Francois Savary, CIO at Geneva-based advisory firm Prime Partners, talks to Citywire Switzerland about why gold is a top bet in the current environment.
He reveals the current investment ‘no-go’ zone to be government debt as it is a risky asset in today’s global markets.

Plus, Savary list his top three allocation bets at the moment.